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02 by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Theme Challenge Feat. Esten & Aaya

Theme II: Unbeknownst 


             It was a cold night. I normally don’t go out at night because of the dangers of living out in the forest, though tonight I wanted to go for a walk. The moon was nice and bright I have to say I choose a good night to walk. I saw some night frogs and toads, cute little bunnies, pretty night blooming flowers, and even a big deer with huge antlers! It was fun to see the night’s innocence come to life; I mean you can’t see it in the daytime. Wonder, wonder, wonder that’s all I did for what seemed hours probably only ten minutes. I did go quite a ways from my home because I made it to the tree that didn’t grow right. All the other trees grew up straight but this one didn’t, it twisted and bent at odd angles which made it easy to climb. This tree I used as a marker because to me it signified the end of the forest and the beginnings of an unknown world to which I was told to never go to. Of course, this didn’t stop me from climbing the tree to the tippy top then jump onto the next even taller and bigger tree! When at the top of the big normal tree, it feels like I can touch the clouds and I can see the glow of that unknown world that you can only see at night. It makes me wonder sometimes what’s out there.

                Other than the fact of it being cold, I was perfectly happy and felt safe up in the highest branches of the tree. I don’t know how long I was up there when fear fell upon me. I know what fear is I get it every time I’m out looking for food and an aggressive animal is around but this was different.  I didn’t know if I should run or stay. I chose to stay because not many can climb a tree like this; it seemed to be the safest option. As instinct took control, I camouflaged my brightly colored fur as best I could then I heard the rustling. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before… Animals don’t fight like that… I was scared I wanted to cry but I didn’t want to blur my vision for if I had to run. I wanted to run. Run back home where I knew I’d be safe. Then suddenly the rustling stopped with an explosion. Birds rushed out of the trees flying for their lives. They knew what that was and so did I. Gunfire, the very thing that has killed many of deer neighbors, as if I wasn’t already scared out of my mind now this. Time felt slow. I heard voices, just two a male and a female. The fact was clear they were hunting. If only I could make out what they were saying… two more gunshots. Now time started to pick back up and I finally had my chance to run.

                As I quickly made my way down the trees, the smell of blood became ever stronger close to the point of intoxicating. Now I was in the wired twisty tree when I saw him. He was clearly the pray… His wounded broken body collapsed by the big tree I was once in. The man, with what little strength he had left if any, looked up at the sky, smiled, and said, “I’ve never seen the stars so clearly before…” Death is a forever constant but it’s different when you watch life drain out of someone. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t care if he was a good guy or the bad guy! I jumped out of the tree and ran to him taking my shirt off and grabbing a stick to make a tourniquet on his stomach wound.

                That fear that hit me earlier was still present but it now became merged with the fear of losing someone. “Mister! Don’t die!” I said to him sternly hopefully not loud enough for his hunters to hear me. “You’re not going to died I’m not going to let you!” I wasn’t sure if he heard anything I said but he did look me in the eye and it felt like he said okay… His wounds were temporarily patched but they won’t hold forever. I hoisted him on my back and went as fast as I could go back to my home. Wait. His blood dripping off of him and me is going to lead a trail right to us! The only way to avoid this problem is to tread water which will take longer. Worth the risk. Thankfully I know of a creek that runs near my home. I made it home quicker than I thought, thank god, but my work was far from over. Now came the daunting task of keeping whoever this was alive. It was going to be a long night…


AmyAmy "Aaya" Cyberfolf, Art, & Story (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf

XVI by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Here's my rebel woman!!
She was a teenager back in the 80s and still holds onto that 80s rebellion vibe despite her age. 

Revised version of this.

SixTeen (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf
:new: Character Themes added!!
:new: Characters added! 

Holy crap! I'mma writing a journal : D Not that anyone reads these~~ 

Anyways, this thing will be entirely dedicated to my baby and my newest baby~~ These Idiots... 

Short Stories Equals Long Stories (temporary name)

I. Endurance's End  

Character Themes:

Esten CreedDrown by MDK
Aaya CyberfolfSunlight by JJD & AudioBlade
Carnage - Escape by Leaf Adventure
Katana - Gunmetal Black by Varien
Lady Jane - We Are the Hearts by EXGF
Dr. Ebloi Kluckinstine - N/A
Professor Bunini - N/A
Rinslet - Mine by Phoebe Ryan
Xion - Beyond by Speo
SixTeen - Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row
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01 by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Theme Challange Feat. Esten & Aaya

Theme I: Endurance's End


It was a cold night. All day something had been bothering me like I was being poached. I was unable to put a finger on it so I went on to finish the job I accepted. My mission was to track down an amateur hacker and terminate him or her. Of course, after I forced him or her to spill whatever he or she knows about ECN. This was a fairly easy mission compared to others I’ve taken up in the past but something still felt uneasy about it.

                I tracked the hacker down to the city of Wredwick. To be more precise, the hacker was outside the city’s limits, by about one hundred klicks, near the beginning of the Redwood Forest. As I followed the trail, that was to clearly laid out I might add, it came to me… this was a trap laid out by whom was unclear but I was about to find out.

                Upon realizing that this was a trap, I only had time to roll my body out of a blade. And just barely at that. Although I dodge the initial l blow, my bicep began to scream as warm liquid ran down my arm. Again, I had no time to really react as for another attacker was charging at me; this one being larger than the one that slashed me.  To dodge this one, I had to grab him by the waist and hurl him over my back. Thankfully this worked but not for long. My arm refused to cooperate as my skills were being tested. It was one attack after another the pair were definitely well compatible. I was able to hold my own for good bit until finally one of my attackers shot me in the stomach. The next thing I knew my head was being crushed against a rock… My two attackers conversed as I slipped into either death or unconsciousness. No. I cannot die this way, not with the likes of Numerums watching and waiting. In a final act of desperation, I knocked the two for a loop and slipped away.

                It was a cold night. My right hand was locked in place at the left side of my abdomen, as my left hand loosely held my .45 Longslide thanks to my torn bicep. Darkness began to consume my vision and mind. My blood spewed from my gashes that were sprinkled all over my body. My head ached and it felt as if my brain was leaking out of my skull. I hobbled, stumbled, and tripped until my body gave out. Forced to stop at a large Redwood, I dropping my gun and slid down to the ground. Feeling that this might be my end, I began to make peace with myself…

                I looked to the night sky…

                I’ve never seen the stars so clearly before….




Here are some other versions of the same pic because I couldn't decided which one I liked so I uploaded the one everyone else liked the most at mah house 

Esten Creed Wolfshire, Art, & Story (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf 



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