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Master and Slave by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Master and Slave
Here is my two new OCs~~

The girl is Scarlett Omen and the boi is Bloody Hell <3

Scarlett is the Vampire Empress of Underworld and Bloody is her Incubus body guard then some~  
She's 500+ years old and he's 600+ years old.
She forced him into a contract and he had a burning hatred for her then he got over it. They used to fight all the time until he found out he liked having a collar.

The both of them are opposites: she's more innocent and he's more not innocent.
They're also Mages

Bloody is part of Scarlett's blood and comes out of her body by her command. 

Scarlett & Bloody (c) :devamyamycberfolf:  
Vigilante Rich Girl by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Vigilante Rich Girl
gfcvmhv nfvnvyjtgbhgcyjgbnv t5yygjhxzgsdytfjhvbcxghgjkhgc,nnxgn 

Name: Vittoria Pescara Colonna
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Mutation: Long-tailed Weasel
Weapon of Choice: Nojiko Ryu Kin, nodachi long sword with a solid gold Tanto blade in the hilt

  • Leonardo is her Senpai while Splinter is her Sensei 
  • Italian
  • Her name comes from 
  • Vittoria Colonna, marchioness of Pescara, was an Italian noblewoman and poet. She developed an artistic friendship with Michelangelo Buonarroti, with whom she exchanged verse.
  • Her father is the governor of New York 
  • Ran away from home
  • Hopelessly in love with Leonardo
  • Singer, songwriter, performer, model
  • Otaku 
  • The black mark on her side is a burn scare from when she first met the Turtles. She push Leonardo out of the way of a rouge grenade. She turned the burn into a tribal tattoo with the four masks of her new friends
Vittoria (c) :devamyamycberfolf:
TMNT (c) Kevin Eastmen
Ambitions by AmyAmyCyberfolf
I'm on a role~~

Anyways, when I was in school my Graphic Arts teacher assigned us a project were we had to take a word and explain it without using the direct definition. I chose ambition and immediately thought of Megatron and I made this. Got a 110% A+ on it to =P (Razz)  Needless to say, that was one of the best things I did and I've always loved it but there was just one problem with it, for me, to small.
So I made a bigger one to be used as a wallpaper!!! Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon  And it's free to use no need to ask :)  The size is 1920x1080 but can be and other screen sizes. 

Should I do more Transformers characters in wallpapers like this? I think I might but not sure :/

Megatron (c) Hasbro
Wallpaper (c) MEp


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