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Ello people of the internet. 

I'm now going to offer myself as a slave to you guys! YAY! 

Yup yup. I'm starting up MONEY commissions via PayPal bullet . If you're interested please contact me via Note.

PayPal bullet 

What I can do: 

Bonnie Bullet Multiple Characters  $7 + $2 per extra character

Emoticon - Fish Face On Legs! ~JonTron You may add lineart (the black lines with no pencil) to the order but prices will vary on how many characters and the amount of work it is. 

Mangle bullet Single Character  $10
Bonnie Bullet Multiple Characters  $13 + $3 per extra character
Mangle bullet Single Character w/ Background  $20
Bonnie Bullet Multiple Characters w/ Background  $23 + $3 per extra character

This is were I'll use the original sketched lines or inked lines, that I hand drew, and color it in Photoshop.
Mangle bullet Single Character  $12
Bonnie Bullet Single Character w/ Background  $20
Mangle bullet Multiple Characters w/ Background  $23 + $3 per extra character

Emoticon - Fish Face On Legs! ~JonTron Multiple Characters is available I just happen to not have any done.  $15 + $3 per extra character  

Full Digital
Bonnie Bullet Single Character  $20
Mangle bullet Single Character w/ Background  $30
Bonnie Bullet Multiple Characters w/ Background  $35 + $5 per extra character
Mangle bullet Lineless  $40
Bonnie Bullet Lineless w/ Background  $45

Emoticon - Fish Face On Legs! ~JonTron Multiple Characters is available I just don't have any done.  $25 + $5 per extra character 

Mangle bullet Logo Design  $25 price may vary
Bonnie Bullet T-Shirt Design  $15 price may vary
Mangle bullet Wallpapers  $15 price may vary on size of wallpaper
Bonnie Bullet Advertisement  $75 price may vary
Mangle bullet Manga Coloring  $15 price may vary and you have to provide the page
Bonnie Bullet Character Design/Redesign  $30
Mangle bullet Traditional to Digital  $45

Emoticon - Fish Face On Legs! ~JonTron Yes, you may ask me if I can do -insertyourrequest- and I'll reply politely.  

Rules & Guidelines 
Bullet Orange Treat others how you want to be treated. 
Bullet Orange Please be patient with me. I have work in the real world outside of making art.
Bullet Orange I will only except a few at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. 
Bullet Orange I will not start on your order until you have made your payment. 
Bullet Orange Once paid in full, I'll begin working on your order but if you decide to cancel your order you will not receive a refund. 
Bullet Orange If you have a substantially large order, you may request to put a down payment on your order. Your down payment will be required at the beginning for me to start and when I feel that I am half way done with your order I will stop until the next payment is done. I will also notify you as well.  
Bullet Orange I am sorry but I will not accept points as payment. I am only going to use PayPal bullet from now on. 
Bullet Orange If there is any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.  

About the Artist
Hello reader my name is Aaya Esten. I graduated High School in the year of 2014 and have no plans on going to collage because there is nothing I'm interested in that requires a collage education. There are plenty of jobs out there that don't need a collage education, but alas, the job I was working at had let me go because I wasn't tenured. I wasn't let go because of poor workmanship, my manager had fought her hardest to keep me, but the higher ups ruled against her. It was my first real paying job I had ever had in my life. It was hard to say goodbye to my coworkers because it's not every day your in a work environment were your coworkers actually enjoy working with you. That last sentence is based off what I've heard from others that have worked many jobs. Not to guilt trip you guys further, going to anyways, but my mother had been divorced for 12 years still raising two kids and when maturity kicked in I've always wanted to contribute somehow. My mother has even told me how much weight has been lifted off her shoulders with my having a steady job. Now the weight is back with new problems, just recently our shed had burned down with all of our stuff in it that we can't get back. Thankfully none of us were physically hurt but emotionally we were. Thanks to a good family structure we're making things work but finding a job is critical.

I'm sorry about that top portion I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm serious about my commissions and sometimes guilt tripping works. As for my artistic ability, I'm a self taught artist all beginning with Sonic the Hedgehog. All through out my school life everyone complemented on my work and I even did got featured in the newspaper. My graphic arts teacher exploited my Photoshop skills for everything. I pretty much became her personal assistant. As for my visual arts teacher, she had me enter in almost every contest that came down the road. In both of those classes I had the top grade, A+. I don't know which I find more fun because I do both now as a hobby.

The only art program I own is Photoshop CS5 and I'm a mouse user. I have a tablet but I don't like it... I know I'm different.         
  • Listening to: EDM & Vocaloid
  • Watching: Robots in Disguise 2015 & TMNT 2012


04 by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Theme Challenge Feat. Esten & Aaya

Theme IV: Formalities


     It wasn’t much long after I checked on this strange man when he stumbled into the wall by my kitchen. I was innocently washing some dishes when I heard the calamity which made me jump-a-foot and yelp. When I composed myself, kind of, I saw him peeling himself off the wall. When are eyes met his mood went from dazed to serious. “Where’s the bathroom?” he asked curtly.

    “The door across from your room…” I responded as quickly as I could. Without even a ‘thank you’ he marched back to the bathroom. My heart was pounding and I looked at the clock above the kitchen sink. It had only been about three hours since he first woke up and we had spoke…  he was much sweeter then. Was it something I said or was it because I saw him crashed against the wall? Maybe it’s because I didn’t ask if he needed help or offer help immediately? Oh I don’t know but I feel like I’m going to cry… Tears started to swell up in my eyes when I heard him come out of the bathroom. Not wanting to get yelled at, I blotted my eyes and stepped to the side to greet him. “Are you okay?” I asked politely. “Do you need any help or anything?” He started back towards me and the kitchen not saying anything other than small grunts of pain with each step. I too wasn’t saying anything out of fear because now there was something about him. Stopping next to me, he looked around the room. First, at the kitchen then onto the living room that the kitchen opened up to.

    Finally I worked up some words to speak, “You can have a set wherever you’d like…” His head didn’t move but his eyes darted at me. Once again he didn’t say anything as he made his way to the sofa. Luckily, he didn’t trip over the random blanket on the floor which I tossed into a nearby basket. The sofa only fits two people and I reluctantly sat next to him as far away as I could. He was slumped over leaning on one elbow holding his head up with his eyes closed and having his other hand over his stomach. It was an awkward silence that I couldn’t stand but it didn’t last long. “What hurts?” I asked gently.

    His eyes opened then blinked slowly, one at a time, before he took a breath and looked at me not moving his head. “What?” he replied gruffly.

    I took a deep breath, “What’s hurting you?”

    Rolling his eyes he replied, “Everything.”

    It was my turn not to say anything back so I just went to the kitchen. I felt him watching me as I made a pain remedy that I’ve always known. You know what, why am I so worried about him? He can barely move without trying to catch his breath with every step. He’s relatively at my mercy. With my new found confidence, I briskly finished the remedy and took it to him. When I got to him he had his eyes closed again as if I didn’t know. I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Here you go, this should help with the pain.”

    Pulling the same routine as he did earlier, he glared at me before taking the drink. His brown nose crinkled when he sniffed it. “What is it?” he asked.

    “Something the help with the pain,” I replied.

    Rolling his eyes he took a sip. Watching his expression go from annoyed angur to a funny looking face of disgust was hilarious. “What is this!?” he gaged.

    Trying to hold back laughter and look innocent I managed to say, “Something my mom tought me for when I get hurt.” I peeked back at him to be receiving the death glare. That didn’t help me because now I couldn’t help but snicker. “It’s not so bad if you gulp it…” His face told me he was in disbelief. After the gulped it down still gaging from the taste I brought myself together, a little bit, “Wasn’t to bad was it?” He just growled at me. I sighed. “I forgot to introduce myself. Should’ve done that yesterday.” His expression twitched a little. “My name is AmyAmy Cyberfolf and you’re welcome to stay here as long as you’d like and please don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ll be glad to help you.”

    He leaned back into the sofa this time not propping his head up. “Name’s Esten,” he said. “How fast is that stuff suppose to work?”

    “Pretty fast,” I replied. “So your name’s Esten. Hm~ I like it. It sounds cool.”

    Raising an eyebrow he snapped, “Yeah? Well, your name sounds moronic.”

    Turning expressionless, I took in this new information. A smile broke and I giggled. “It’s the only name I got so you’ll have to deal with it.”

    “Thank you for that nasty stuff,” he coughed out looking away resting his head on the back of the sofa.

    “My pleasure,” I replied. “Would you like anything to eat or drink?”


    Before I pushed my luck too far I left him alone. Esten seemed to be much more comfortable since he took some medicine. I’m glad. I couldn't tell if he had fallen asleep or if he was just resting. Finishing up my dish washing, I would look at him from time to time to see how he was doing. Despite being, seemingly, good off he’ll still have a long road ahead on him. Time stopped again. What if those people that beat- no that were trying to kill him find us? What should I do then? Maybe I should ask him who they were and why him wanted him dead? Wait. No. They couldn’t of… What am I thinking!? There’s no way they could find us. I covered my tracks. We’ll be perfectly fine… Unless Esten’s the bad guy and then that would make me the bad guy because I helped the bad guy! I’m getting ahead of myself here. I don’t know if he’s the bad guy… Esten doesn't seem like a bad guy to me…

    I finished my dishes and glanced at him. He was gone. Where could he have gone so quietly? Oh wait, I was lost in my own little world. I walked back to his room and the once open door was now shut. Relief fell on me. I tapped the door softly not to wake him if he was asleep. No answer. Quietly, I opened the door and poked my head in. There he was with his back to the door sound asleep. My eyes shifted to his stuff on the floor and no change. “I’ve got nothing to worry about,” I whispered reassuring myself.


Esten Creed Wolfshire, AmyAmy Cyberfolf, Art, & Stroy (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf
Kin Lao and Meiko by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Kin Lao and Meiko
Dunno why it's blurry but if you zoom in it'll look fine... ///shot
Another new character pair I don't need! :dummy:

Kin Lao (the gundam) is a spunky young girl that has plenty of bite to back up her bark. 

Meiko is a two-tailed fox and Kin Lao's familiar. Despite having two tails, it only upgraded his magic ability and not his maturity. 

Gundam series of inspiration: 
SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (c) Sunrise/whomever it may be
Kin Lao & Meiko (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf
03 by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Theme Challenge Feat. Esten & Aaya

Theme III: Where Am I?


            I hate waking up with a start. My head was pounding like it’s been hit against a rock, let me rephrase that; my whole body ached as if some five year old was running over their rag doll with toy dump truck. My vision was also blurry. Sigh. This isn’t good. I can’t believe I let those to get the drop on me so easily. I shouldn’t focus on that now, I need to figure out where exactly I am. I’m on a bed, a barely used one at that, next to an odd shaped deep window. There’s a dresser and what looks like a wardrobe. Then there’s the door. As for the room itself I’ve no idea. It looks to natural to be man made and there’s a lot of wood… Wood is everywhere on everything… I don’t know where I am… Oh well, I’m not staying here wherever here is.

            I took a deep breath, nearly chocking on it, and tried to sit up without screaming Bloody-Mary it hurt so badly. Finally I managed to sit up; I’ve never been in this condition before, the door knob turned. I don’t have any weapon on me. I’m not tied down. Don’t panic you’re trained for this. Use the bed in its entirety. I watched the door slowly open as a bright ball of fluff slipped quietly into the room closing the door. Now I’m more confused than I was before… Are you kidding me? I could’ve sworn I was in America not France…

            Once over my initial shock of her cute girl appearance was when I noticed the stool next to the bed and the scent. I was in a house! Still old habits die hard, my guard was up. The girl turned towards me, stopped in her tracks puzzled, then her face lit up. Trying to contain her excitement she said, “Oh thank heavens you’re finally awake.” I said nothing as she sat on the stool next to me putting the tray she was holding in her lap. “How do you feel?” she asked gently.     

            I felt obligated to responded back, “Like I’ve been hit by a truck…” She seemed surprised by my response and in the same stern voice I continued, “Where am I?”    

            “My home in the forest,” she replied timidly.

            “Where is my stuff?”

            She pointed to a neatly organized arrangement of all my knives, guns, other weapons and tools, and my blood stained clothing. “Everything you had on you is over there. I wanted to clean off the blood but I felt something tell me not to. But if you’d like me to I’ll gladly clean everything the best I can for you,” she paused for a moment. Before I could ask another question she started up again. “To be honest, I’m surprised you’re talking so much. I mean I didn’t think you’d ever wake up…” her voice trailed off and her eyes became glossy. “You were out for two weeks I thought you were going to die some times. I’m sorry for crying I’m just so happy that you’re awake and appear to be fine.” She finished with the sweetest smile that I’ve ever seen someone make naturally.

            This is just an innocent little girl… My guard dropped considerably with her smile and, not that my face would say it, I felt sorry for doing that to her. “I’m sorry for scaring you like that Miss,” I said reassuringly. “How did you find me and in what shape?”

            “Hm?”  Wiping her tears, “Oh, I was out for a walk and I was climbing out of a tree at the time I saw you. You were slumped over looking up at the night sky with blood streaming out of your head, arm, and stomach. I just couldn’t live with myself knowing I left you there so I brought you back to my place.” I completely forgot I was shot. I looked at my stomach and my eyes landed on the ‘L’ shaped stitches. “You don’t have to worry about that. I took the bullet out,” she said.

            “You took the bullet out?” I questioned stunned at the fact I’m not dead.

            Smiling confidently she explained, “Yes, I’ve done it before on deer that managed to get away from hunters. Also, I’ve stitched your left arm and your head wound.” Everything started to ache, thanks to my squirming around, so I had to take her word for it. She didn’t look like the type to lie…

            “Thank you,” I said wincing because my chest is refusing to cooperate. “Are you a doctor or something?”

            “Oh no, not even close,” she smiled. “Just took a chance is all; though I do have some personal experiences.” Now pain was threatening to make me pass out and she knew it. “I think you should rest a little more. You’re going to be weak for a while so please take your time to recover. Would you like some water?”


            She handed me one of the cups on her tray and put another cup on the night stand. “I’ll leave this soup here for if you feel like you can stomach it.”

            I took a sip of the water and when it hit my stomach I thought I was going to vomit. “I’ll be alright, thank you,” I said sickly.

            “My pleasure,” she replied kind of disheartened. “I guess I’ll let you get your rest now and I’ll be back in a little bit, ‘kay?” She got up and made her way to the door. “Get well soon.”

            After she left the room I looked at the water in my cup. My mind was spinning and it’s not because of my injuries. How can someone like her do what she did? Why did ECN let me live? They never let anyone live… Is it some sort of plan of theirs or was it because of Numerum III?   I looked out the window to a view of giant redwoods and nature at its most beautiful. I’ve also never felt a sense of security like this before… Is it because of her?


          Never mind.

Esten Creed Wolfshire, Art, & Story (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf



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