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:new: Characters added! 

Holy crap! I'mma writing a journal : D Not that anyone reads these~~ 

Anyways, this thing will be entirely dedicated to my baby and my newest baby~~ These Idiots... 

Short Stories Equals Long Stories (temporary name)

I. Endurance's End  

Character Themes:

Esten Creed - Drown by MDK
Aaya Cyberfolf - Sunlight by JJD & AudioBlade
Carnage - N/A
Katana - Gunmetal Black by Varien
Lady Jane - N/A
Dr. Ebloi Kluckinstine - N/A
Professor Bunini - N/A
Rinslet - N/A
Xion - N/A
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Endurance's End v1 by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Endurance's End v1
Theme Challange Feat. Esten & Aaya

Theme I: Endurance's End


It was a cold night. All day something had been bothering me like I was being poached. I was unable to put a finger on it so I went on to finish the job I accepted. My mission was to track down an amateur hacker and terminate him or her. Of course, after I forced him or her to spill whatever he or she knows about ECN. This was a fairly easy mission compared to others I’ve taken up in the past but something still felt uneasy about it.

                I tracked the hacker down to the city of Wredwick. To be more precise, the hacker was outside the city’s limits, by about one hundred klicks, near the beginning of the Redwood Forest. As I followed the trail, that was to clearly laid out I might add, it came to me… this was a trap laid out by whom was unclear but I was about to find out.

                Upon realizing that this was a trap, I only had time to roll my body out of a blade. And just barely at that. Although I dodge the initial l blow, my bicep began to scream as warm liquid ran down my arm. Again, I had no time to really react as for another attacker was charging at me; this one being larger than the one that slashed me.  To dodge this one, I had to grab him by the waist and hurl him over my back. Thankfully this worked but not for long. My arm refused to cooperate as my skills were being tested. It was one attack after another the pair were definitely well compatible. I was able to hold my own for good bit until finally one of my attackers shot me in the stomach. The next thing I knew my head was being crushed against a rock… My two attackers conversed as I slipped into either death or unconsciousness. No. I cannot die this way, not with the likes of Numerums watching and waiting. In a final act of desperation, I knocked the two for a loop and slipped away.

                It was a cold night. My right hand was locked in place at the left side of my abdomen, as my left hand loosely held my .45 Longslide thanks to my torn bicep. Darkness began to consume my vision and mind. My blood spewed from my gashes that were sprinkled all over my body. My head ached and it felt as if my brain was leaking out of my skull. I hobbled, stumbled, and tripped until my body gave out. Forced to stop at a large Redwood, I dropping my gun and slid down to the ground. Feeling that this might be my end, I began to make peace with myself…

                I looked to the night sky…

                I’ve never seen the stars so clearly before….




Here are some other versions of the same pic because I couldn't decided which one I liked so I uploaded the one everyone else liked the most at mah house 

Esten Creed Wolfshire, Art, & Story (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf 

AayaEsten Ref by AmyAmyCyberfolf
AayaEsten Ref
Esten Creed's theme song: Drown by MDK

This took forever to do and it was forever ago when I finished it! :dummy: //shot

Anyways, here is my baby and my new baby! Yeah there's an entire story behind them in all but instead of writing a story I'm planing on doing one of those 100 Themes challange thingies. 

Well that's basicly it.... 
On that note...


Esten Creed Wolfshire & AmyAmy "Aaya" Cyberfolf (c) AmyAmyCyberfolf 
Master and Slave by AmyAmyCyberfolf
Master and Slave
Here is my two new OCs~~

The girl is Scarlett Omen and the boi is Bloody Hell <3

Scarlett is the Vampire Empress of Underworld and Bloody is her Incubus body guard then some~  
She's 500+ years old and he's 600+ years old.
She forced him into a contract and he had a burning hatred for her then he got over it. They used to fight all the time until he found out he liked having a collar.

The both of them are opposites: she's more innocent and he's more not innocent.
They're also Mages

Bloody is part of Scarlett's blood and comes out of her body by her command. 

Scarlett & Bloody (c) :devamyamycberfolf:  


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